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Lady Katherine Claims Summer Breeze as her own!!!!

Lady Katherine

Lady Katherine Helps herself to Summer breeze Mash before it goes in the freezer.
"She was enjoying it so much she laid claim to the bowlful..In her mind it is hers...all hers...:-)"


Maggie Blue chows down!

Maggie Blue chows down!

"i just got my Heavenly Mash from ms. adriane !!!!!!!!!"

do you THINK maggie likes it ????

her face went into the bowl and she hardly came up for air ... it was great to watch. nice recipe ! it sure was appreciated here tonight....


No taste-tester necessary

The bread arrived yesterday in very fine shape.  I didn't think you could outdo your wonderful muffins, but you did.  Even Anza, who tends to be picky about this kind of thing and will often decline something new until she's watched Baba eat it without ill results a few times, went right to it.  That is extremely unusual for her.


Straight from the beak


I wubs Heaven Sent Birdie Mash!

Truman 'zon

Do the mash!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note about my flock's reaction to your birdie mash. It was a huge hit! Our caique saw the spoonful I had for him and was beside himself to get to it. That bird stayed 'butt up' at his bowl making his happy little foodie noises until it was gone. Our lories both got a smidge (minus the safflowers) and immediately wanted more.

The 'keet flock also enjoyed the mash. Our two brave neophema girls were the first to try it: the budgie boys soon followed. The next day, it was as though they had never EVER been fed - they scooted down to their feeding station, immediately started devouring the mash and bickering over who got to stand where. So cute! Thanks for making such a delicious & affordable mash.

Gina & crew

Elvis the Muffin Man


Our young Congo African Greys, René & Elvis (both under 1yr) will practically remove my fingers if I don't hand them a muffin quickly enough. They love them dearly, as you can see from the photo.

Larry & Michele
Olive Branch, MS

Food Houdinis

As I suspected your treats are a wonderful success with the birds!

Their first introduction was with the muffins. Bete, the amazon "gubbed" his half in about 10 seconds flat. Boo, the cockatoo made his usual attempt at shredding the carrot bits out of it, but then seemed to realize his was dropping too much good stuff, and promptly finished his half.

Next, I offered them each 1/2 of a round treat, but they were too full from the muffin. I checked again in about 15 minutes and they had mysteriously disappeared. Later after dinner I gave them each 1/2 of a log shape and they loved it. This is actually remarkable for Boo, because he usually picks out and discards raisins. Instead, he scooped out the raisin and really seemed to savor it - almost looked like he was eating an ice cream cone!

The moist texture is really wonderful and I can't believe how much good stuff you have packed inside - and, David and I like them too!

Talk soon,


"Hey, this is too good to drop for a photo-op!"


I just gave the birds one of your muffins to munch and wanted to show you how much they enjoy them. Only Lucy and Peanut would cooperate....everyone else is too big of a ham and dropped theirs to pose for me when they saw me coming with the camera. LOL


Food Critic gives a "Tail's up!"

My DYH is usually a picky eater and a hard sell on any new foods. Then along came ParrotNutz Parrot Treats. I stood there amazed and watched my bird as she tasted her first treat in the shape of a bagel, filled with veggies, fruit and nuts. Baked with only healthy ingredients, my bird spent twenty minutes with her treat until nothing was left. Next day, we tried a mini birdie muffin, with the same results I am delighted with these treats, as is my bird.

Mary Bier

You snooze, you lose!

Enjoying his treat!

THANK YOU ;o) It was very funny to watch Loki go from empty cage to empty cage getting them out and eating them before I put the proper bird back in their cages. LOL He is a little stinker as he watched me put them in each empty cage. They ate two bags today this afternoon.


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Twiggy gettin' Jiggy!

twiggy jiggy!

"i just got my Heavenly Mash and all I can say is I'm Nutzo about Parrotnutz!!!!!!!!!"

Here is Twiggy gobbling up some Veggie Mash. "She tossed all her other food out and chowed down on the new food. Look at her beak! She LOVES it!"


ParrotNutz for, La

Did you get my letter about the cantaloupe bread? I hope so.  Because you have to know how ANGRY I am. I can't keep it out of MY mouth - and I don't need the calories. LOL. But I look at La's eager beak and manage, somehow, to control myself.

I hadn't opened the mash, though, until last night.  I made a small amount and put in the fridge to give her this morning rather than defrosting some of the grain mix I prepare that she usually eats.  OH MY she was a HAPPY girl this morning!  I mean HAPPY!  Oh, I'll keep cooking for her because it gives me pleasure, but, my dear friend, you make it so unnecessary so do so.

Louis LOVES his parrotnutz treats.  Last I asked he was a bit hesitant about the mash, but he has never liked anything that messes up his beak. Silly bird.  La loves her beak covered with good food gunk.  (You really should have seen it this morning -- you would have been so very, very proud!)

Peggy & La Marcel

Can't squawk, eating."

Cali with muffin

Hi Adriane
I ordered from you a while back. Sending a photo of Cali eating her muffin. These are muffins from your mix that I baked. They seem to like these best so far. Also the shapes that you baked. I know Dusty picks the little seeds off those. lol


Nutz-y Conures

Being owned by 5 Conures (1 Jenday, 1 Sun and 3 Sundays), I've probably tried every "nutritional snack". However, they usually wound up just thrown on the floor...

But then I tried ParrotNutz Treats.... I went <nutz> over the ingredients, and my very picky Conures went <nutz> for this product.

Thank you for a "treat" that is nutritional and at the same time, highly accepted by my flock.


Chibi says, "Even the bottom of the pan is good!"

Chibi cleans up the crumbs

Hi everyone. I baked birdy bread from Adriane's ready-mix.

I broke it into little pieces (it is crusty outside, moist inside) this little picky bird gobbled it up. Besides Chibi loving it, my place smelled absolutely delicious all evening. It is HIGH on my *recommend* list.

Keep it up, Adriane! So far you are batting 100%


Birds of a feather...

ALL my birds, from a love bird to a macaw found these treats to be very delicious especially my Pionus. My flock liked them both ways right out of the bag as well as warmed and even crispy. I found them to be vitamin rich and a very hearty, healthy treat, it was very convenient as a consumer just to open a bag and have a very healthy treat for my flock.

This is a product that I will continue to use and recommend to all my flock friends.


Back off, buddy! This is MY treat!

Don't touch!

1. The 1st HEALTHY treat my birds absolutely love & I don't feel bad letting them have.
2. The 1st treat that ALL my birds fact fight over!!
3. I even think they taste good!! lol
4. Comes in great shapes and sizes for all birds.
5. Has a lifelong customer with Arty, Truman, jackHammer and Tink!!


Guilt-free Goodies

I have been giving my flock the Parrotnutz healthy bird snacks for about a month now. I LOVE the fact that they are an all natural and healthy snack with no artificial preservatives. It makes me feel better even if I don't have time to make something healthy for them, that I can still provide something they love to eat and is good for them!

-Kathy Walton
Peanut, Isabelle, Ditto, Mango, MsPercy & Squeaker

Bake-It-Yourself Success

I received the ParrotNutz mix and I was anxious to make it. The mix looks and smells wonderful. I decided to go with the mini muffin baking option (I was pleased to see 3 different baking instructions).

It ended up giving me 40 mini muffins because I made them level with the muffin tray (this option is so convenient to freeze and thaw as I need them). I let them cool and offered one to my tiels..........they LOVED them. Each tiel took a turn at the dish and they would come and push each other out of the way for more, lol. I'm really pleased with this item and I like that it has such a variety of ingredients in it.

Thank you,

Dawn in Alberta
Denomme's Darlings